ALGONQUIN PARK: What to Pack for a remote backcountry canoe

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In this video I go over the gear that I bring and why. I give you tips on saving weight in your pack and new ideas for packing you may have never thought of.

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Links to the gear I use:

My trekking Pants –

My Tilley Hat –

My large saw –

My small saw:

Hatchet –

My drone –

My compact adventure camera:

My mirrorless Full frame camera :

My water filter:

My 4 person backpacking tent:

My 2 person backpacking tent:

My canvas tent:

My 50 Litre backpack:

My air mattress:

My hunting safety harness:

My hunting knife :

My hiking pants:

My soft shell jacket:

My rain jacket:

My arrows:

My climbing tree stand:

My multi tool:

My kayak paddle:

My stove:

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