Coconut Curry Soup

This easy coconut curry soup hits the spot on a cold day or night. This curry soup recipe I also make when I’m ultralight hiking, bushcraft cooking, camp cooking or staying multiple days out. I substitute out the fresh vegetables for dehydrated vegetables. it’s easily packable ..this way you do not have to worry about anything rotting. I’m using a stainless steel pot with the solo stove. It’s a great stove to have when you’re on the go and do not have time to make a fire. It’s lightweight as well.

30 grams of coconut powder (about half a packet)
1-2 cubes of vegetable or chicken bouillon
pinch of cayenne pepper
a handful of rice noodles
a handful of dehydrated vegetables or substitute a small bell pepper, 1 or 2 small shallots
2 cups of water.
the recipe will serve 1 person it was meant for a solo camper or backpacker.

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