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Hi, everyone. It’s Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we’ll be taking a look at our Coghlan’s camp cooker that is made of aluminum. So this is ideal if you’re going out camping, and maybe it’s just you, your buddy, your friends, some of your family and you guys want something to eat that is nice, toasted but you don’t have a stove with you. This might be a good option for you. So we have different camp cookers here at etrailer, different options for you.

If you have a larger crowd, you may be interested in our double camp cooker. This is a single camp cooker, meaning you can make one grilled cheese at a time, or you can make some smores in here as well. Since it is made of aluminum, it has its pros and cons. So compared to cast iron cookers, this is definitely lighter. If you’re backpacking and you’re concerned about weight, this might be the option you go with.

It also has a nonstick coating. So compared to cast iron, it is easier to clean and you don’t have to maintain it or season it compared to a cast iron cooker. Now, the downside to this is if you are planning on using this for an extended period of time, meaning you leave it in the coals or you leave it in the fire to cook. This can melt after a while. So you do have your pros and cons right over there.

I hope this video will help you out with figuring out if this is the right fit for your situation. So first we’ll take a look at what this cooker comes with. So this does have a recipe book, as well as an instructions. So the instructions are gonna help you figure out the right temperature or the right period of time to use this with since you don’t want it to melt. You’ll also get some recipes just to figure out or give you some idea as to what kind of ingredients you need to bring ahead of time and what you can cook with this.

So this is especially gonna be, helpful. Please check this out before you go camping, just to make sure you have the correct portion size, because this is a smaller cooker. So you’re not going to be creating or cooking up a huge dinner with this. It is going to be good for smaller portions, like one sandwich at a time. So measuring our cooker on the inside, we have a width of four and a half inches by a length of four and a half inches. Notice how this also has a lip on the inside. So when you’re cooking grilled cheese sandwiches, what’s going to happen is as you have your sandwich on the inside, it’s going to pinch the edges just enough where you can either burn off the edges or the crest of your sandwiches, or just peel it off. So it’s going to pinch those sides in, and then you’ll have all the filling on the inside. I love cooking my grilled cheese sandwiches that way. And it is up to you if that’s the way you like to. I think it’s great, especially when you’re going out camping with children that want the crust off their sandwiches. Now taking a look at measurements, still looking at our handle. Notice how we have a wooden handle on one side and a steel shaft on the other side. So as you are cooking, you do have this open hinge. Let’s put that hinge up on it. As you are cooking, make sure to hold this by the wooden handle. This is a lot lighter than the cast iron cooker. So this is no issue at all with holding this over the fire, you can then easily switch this around to make sure your food is evenly cooked. You also have this clip on this end. So just make sure that clip is over your handles. That way it is held together. And once your food is done, make sure to be careful because this is going to be hot. Just unclip it, and then get your food. Now, this is going to be an overall length of 26 inches long. Now this does not come off easily. So just keep that in mind, as you do store this cooker, if you have the space for it. So it is nice because then you have a lightweight cooker. It’s really, really easy to toast things with this. If you’re making a lot of smores, I would prefer using this compared to a cast iron cooker. But if you’re cooking, let’s say, meats or things that take longer time to cook. Then I do recommend taking a look at our cast iron options here at etrailer, but all in all, this was a very quick look at our camp cooker. My name is Evangeline and I hope this video helped you out with deciding which cooker is the best one for your situation..

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