Healthy Camping Meals & Snacks + Opening Up About Skin

Like I said in my past video, I am still learning so this is not the best video, but practice makes perfect:) I hope you can get some healthy ideas for when you go camping and also get some healthy snack ideas for road trips!

As I also noted in the beginning, I am very excited to begin my journey with my skin by healing my body from the inside out and I will be sure to keep you guys updated on it!

Where we went: Amicalola Falls located in Dawsonville, Ga

– apples and peanut butter
– RX Bars
– Pistachios/any kind of nuts
– CLEAN ingredient snacks
– Carrots and hummus

– BOWLS BOWLS BOWLS (choose a grain, protein source, and AS MANY veggies as possible; For our bowls I did: tuna, brown rice, broccoli, spinach, carrots, hummus, sunflower and sesame seeds)
– Focus on whole ingredient dinners when camping; for our first dinner meal, we did red potatoes, steak, and green beans (I would of course always love more veggies with this, but do what you can while camping)


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