Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger! Easy One Pot Camping Recipes &

Hey! This Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger is so tasty/juicy/quick/easy to prep that the whole family is going to fall in love with it! Whether you cook it in your van, on the BBQ or on a school night, it’ll be just perfect.

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Serves: 2+

2 x free range chickenbreasts
1 tsp oil
A ziploc bag

2 x burger buns
2 x tbsp mayo per bun
4 romaine lettuce leaves, washed, dried & finely chopped
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce per bun

Preheat your griddle pan or BBQ.
Pop the chicken breast and oil into ziploc bag. Close the bag and massage the oil into the chicken.
Next bash the thick end of the chicken with a mallet (or similar) to flatten the chicken breast into a uniform thickness.
Tip out onto a plate and season the top with salt & pepper.
Place the seasoned side down on the hot griddle, season the second side, and cook for a total of 5-6 minutes, turning a couple of times.
Meanwhile, construct the bun by spreading with some mayo, topping with the lettuce, chicken, more mayo and finally the all important sweet chilli sauce.

Until next time, happy camping!

Jane x

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